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Here at Abilities First, we are deeply connected to all aspects of life for people impacted by disabilities. We are here to support our program participants, helping them build on their abilities. We are likewise here to support our families and to help guarantee ongoing health and well-being for everyone involved in caring for someone with a disability.

By working together with our broader community, our Social Work and Service Coordination department enables opportunities for our program participants to obtain an education, engage in all available and appropriate therapies, find valuable work and live to their fullest potential by engaging in the comprehensive services of Abilities First or other services available in the community. Throughout the lives of our program participants, we also provide counsel and support for families and caregivers.


Our Professional Commitment

The staff in our Social Work and Service Coordination Department work hard to make sure that each child, individual and family we serve will be able to maintain control over their personal lives and, as such, we assist them in determining their long-term goals. Every day our team reviews those goals, building bridges and breaking down barriers in order to assure community involvement and independence for people with disabilities whenever possible.

"Our team of professionals works one on one with each program participant and their family members to provide a broad range of ideas and solutions for better living."

As part of our commitment to those we serve, Abilities First staff are always updating their base of knowledge by researching community opportunities for people with disabilities and seeking out new resources for them. Our team of professionals works one on one with each program participant and their family members to provide a broad range of ideas and solutions for better living.


To determine service needs for each individual, we provide assessments and, whenever appropriate, reassessments. These evaluations take into consideration the history of each individual, as noted by family members, service providers, medical providers and other caregivers. The goal of this service is to develop an Individualized Service Plan (ISP), to be used as a framework for service delivery and ongoing communication among providers and with family members.

Our Ongoing Partnership

School - The TEACCH ProgramThrough the development of the ISP and the periodic review of this document, we partner with service providers and caregivers to ensure that goals are being met and that all individuals involved are satisfied with the approach to implementation of the plan. We also review it regularly to make certain that it adequately addresses the needs of the program participant. In addition to referring families to medical, social or educational service providers and monitoring their ISP, we offer parent support groups, individual and group counseling, educational seminars and “Parent Topic Nights”. All are geared toward helping families build their base of knowledge on various care giving skills and to provide them with a much-needed community of support.

For our schedule of parent support groups and educational classes, see our Calendar of Events.

Our Resource page includes links to many community, state and federal websites and services that may be helpful. 

For additional information about these services see our Frequently Asked Questions page or
call Gina L. Carminucci, Director of Service Coordination at 845-485-9803 ext. 385