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Residential Services - Social Work and Service CoordinationOne of the principals we all value most in life is that of being able to call a place “home.” Though it may vary greatly in characteristics, the need for a sense of place is universally critical to one’s self-confidence and security. Here at Abilities First, we understand the importance of tailoring residences for people with disabilities to best meet their needs and help them realize their potential. With numerous housing options available and a caring staff dedicated to supporting and customizing these opportunities, we are proud of our commitment to providing the right home for each of our residents.

    Residential services range from our supportive living opportunities for individuals who are more self-sufficient to supervised living options for individuals who require a higher or specialized level of care. No matter what the housing choice may be, staff works diligently to help our residents develop life skills essential to their independence and self-management. Related services and activities focus on learning living skills such as money management, cooking, shopping, travel training, self-advocacy and self-management of their health care.

"No matter what the housing choice may be, staff works diligently to help our residents develop life skills essential to their independence and self-management."
Residential Services - Housing Opportunities

Supported Housing Opportunities

For those who are able to live independently with occasional staff oversight, we offer Independent and Supportive Apartment options. Residents live independently in the community, with staff available on an as-needed basis to provide support in living productive and fulfilling lives.

Residential Services - Supervised Housing

Supervised Housing

Abilities First maintains several supervised settings for our program participants who need around-the clock care but prefer a small group setting. We offer both a garden apartment setting with 24-hour supervision and small group home settings where individuals have their own private rooms and share common areas in the home with their peers. This family-like environment allows for optimal socialization and cooperative daily living activities coupled with friendship and laughter.

Medical Models

Some of our supervised settings are more specialized to address the unique needs and desires of certain populations. For those people with disabilities who require a higher level of medical oversight to remain living in a home rather than residing in a health care facility, we offer a specialized home that is set up as a “medical model.” With around-the-clock staffing and direct oversight by our nursing department, our most fragile participants always have the medical care and support they need and deserve while enjoying a comfortable, family-like atmosphere.

Waryas House

Residential Services - Waryas HouseWaryas House offers a residential setting for those with disabilities who are also working to recover from alcohol and substance abuse challenges. Participants obtain clinical treatment in a nurturing and recovery-focused residential setting, while engaging in specially designed art and recreation therapy programs and instructional activities geared toward self-sufficiency. The widely accepted 12-step model for recovery is modified for our participants and utilized throughout the intensive 2-year program. Upon completion, our team at Abilities First works in partnership with the “graduates” to transition them smoothly into the next phase of their lives. The ultimate goal is to help them return to their homes with a new set of tools for combating substance abuse issues and making healthy, positive choices for the rest of their lives. More Information

Support Services

Residential support services for all housing and living opportunities include nursing, dietary counseling, and psychology, as well as creative arts therapy at some sites. Medical, dental and other specialist services are provided in agreement with each resident and their preferred practitioners in the community.

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For additional information about Abilities First Residential Services see our Frequently Asked Questions page
or call Donovan Ashe, Director of Residential Services at 845-452-1913 ext. 100.