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Community Habilitation - Providing families the support they needOur professional team at Abilities First recognizes the rewards and challenges of families who choose to have their loved ones with disabilities live at home with them. The commitment of these families, while admirable, requires high energy and allows for very few breaks. At Abilities First, we want to provide these devoted families with the support they need so they may sustain themselves as they care for their loved ones. Our broad range of services in this area incorporates both strengthening the health and well-being of these families and addressing the individualized needs of their loved ones with disabilities.

Community Habilitation, a Medicaid Waiver funded program, offers a wealth of valuable, one–on–one services to children and adults with disabilities who live at home with their families. The program offers choices and increased independence while encouraging productivity and shared community involvement. Through a variety of activities geared toward enhancing daily life-skills development, our knowledgeable, creative staff provide families with much-needed assistance by spending time with program participants in their homes and out in the community. Whether it be a trip to the playground, accompanying a child to a dance class or spending an afternoon swimming or shopping, our Com Hab team develops supportive and productive friendships with our program participants while giving their families time for other responsibilities or, simply, the chance to recharge. Our Com Hab workers seek out opportunities to help children and adults with disabilities build self-confidence in community settings, and, in addition, give them important foundations in areas such as personal care, academics, meal preparation and money management.

Community Habilitation - Medicaid Waiver

Medicaid Waiver Hourly Respite Care

For those individuals who are certified as Medicaid Waiver Hourly Respite participants, Abilities First provides short-term or ongoing solutions for caregivers. With one-on-one, supervision by our caring trained professionals, parents and caregivers can spend time out of their homes for pleasure, business or as needed in emergency situations. As is the case with all of our programs, our service providers work to make such time productive by supporting participants in activities that enhance their many strengths. Testimonies from families speak volumes about that success.

Community Habilitation - At Home Overnight RespiteFamily Support Services, At Home Overnight Respite

To address the needs of the primary caregiver(s) to spend time away overnight, whether it be for recreation or for an emergency, Abilities First offers short-term, one-on-one, around-the-clock support and supervision to adults and children with disabilities through the At Home Overnight Respite program. Our families are able to choose their own respite provider, giving them comfort in any situation. The child or adult who is being cared for gets to stay in his or her own home with that provider, which likewise provides contentment and consistency that could otherwise be compromised in such a circumstance.

For additional information about these services see our Frequently Asked Questions page or contact Jodi Cox-Kyle 845-485-9803 ext. 229